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Enrollment Cancellation for Non-Attendance

Policy Statement

Students who do not begin to participate in a course in which they are registered (whether the course is offered in a face-to-face, hybrid, or online format) will be administratively dropped for nonattendance.

Nevada State College is committed to serving its students and maintaining accurate enrollment records. Introducing an administrative drop option for non-attending students addresses several issues. When students remain in courses they never attend, they incur unnecessary debt; students’ GPAs also suffer when failing grades are assigned for non-attendance. Administratively dropping students who never begin participating in a course provides a better alternative.

In addition, the College is required to determine whether a student participated in a course in order to correctly report enrollment to state and federal agencies and to administer federal Student Aid, Veterans Administration benefits, and other federal, state, institutional, and private aid programs.

For more information regarding the policies Definitions and Procedures. Please Click Here.

Reinstatement After drop for Non-Attendance

If If you have been dropped for non-attendance and wish to request reinstatement refer to the email you received for instructions on how to do so.

Updated on March 10, 2021