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Can I use a Preferred Name?

Students may change to a preferred name through the Student Center on MyNSC. First, middle, & last name may be changed to a preferred name.

Students who are having issues updating the preferred name through the Student Center. May submit Preferred Name Change Request form.

Prior to changing your preferred name please review the following:

Preferred Name Policy
Definitions: Legal vs Preferred Name.

Legal Name: The name that identifies a person on official government documents and forms of identification for legal, administrative, and other governmental purposes.

Preferred Name: A name that an individual wishes to be known or identified by that differs from the individual’s Legal Name.

Limitations and Exceptions
  • Inappropriate Names: Nevada State College reserves the right to refuse to implement:
    • Any Preferred Name that would lead to misrepresentation;
    • A Preferred Name used for illegal purposes or to avoid a legal responsibility;
    • Multiple Preferred Names simultaneously for the same individual;
    • Preferred Names that contain threats of violence or violations of copyright or other legal claims;
    • Preferred Names that include non-alphabetical (a-z) characters;
    • A Preferred Name that the College deems inappropriate (e.g., vulgar, obscene, offensive, fictional, or creates confusion with another person).
  • External Systems: The official Legal Name will be used in all College-related systems and documents that require a verified Legal Name or that must be matched to external systems or databases that use Legal Names. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Academic transcripts;
    • Financial aid and Veterans Administration (VA) documentation;
    • Student employment paperwork, including payroll and tax documents
    • Applications for in-state residency classification;
    • Student account statements;
    • Immigration documents;
    • Standardized and/or formally proctored testing services;
    • External scholarships.
How long does the process take?

If done through the student center. It will reflect immediately through your student center. It will take 24-72 hours for it to reflect across the system (Canvas, Portal, Email, Etc.).

If you are submitting a Preferred Name Change form. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your information to update on your Student Center, and 24-72 hours after the change to reflect across the system (Canvas, Portal, Email, Etc.).

After 72 hours have passed and the change is reflected within student center, and not across the system. Please reach out to our IT department via email, its@nsc.edu.

Student Center: How to Change Preferred Name

Click on the link for a guide on how to update your preferred name. on the NSC website.

Submitting a Preferred Name Change Form

If you have issues updating your preferred name through the Student Center. You may find the Preferred Name Change Request form by clicking here.

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Updated on October 3, 2022

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