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How do I defer my enrollment?

In order to defer your enrollment you must submit an Entry Term Update E-Form. This form is to be used by those who have been admitted to Nevada State College for the previous semester but never attended and would like to be considered for another semester. Students can update their entry term a maximum of two semesters from the original application term (summer not included).

Where is the form located?

You may find the Entry Term Update Form by visiting Registrar Forms page on the NSC website or click here.

What are the instructions?

In order to access the form, you will need to accurately enter your NSHE ID, first name, last name, and date of birth. Otherwise you will fail the verification process and will need to re-enter the information correctly.

Under section B, select the semester you are applying for and type the year.

NOTE: You can only defer enrollment for up to two semesters, otherwise you will need to reapply to Nevada State College.

How long does the process take?

Please allow up to two weeks for you request to be processed to your Student Center.

(For more information you may contact the Office of the Registrar at 702-992-2110)


Updated on December 30, 2020

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